Jacek Bacz


Assembling the Great Puzzle

<<THIS a surprisingly good book. I say ‘surprisingly’ because a theologian like me would like to believe that an engineer, as Bacz is by trade, would not be able to write well about God.

On the contrary. One of the chief virtues of this book lies precisely in what one might stereotype as ‘left brained’ excellence: orderly thinking and presentation. For a book about the reasonableness of the Faith, these qualities seem in the order of things. 

An admirable work of philosophical thinking, it yet possesses all the authenticity of a personal account. The author lets us in on how he reasoned himself out of atheism and into faith. A great number of people could profit from this book. Bacz isn’t someone who tolerates cheap solutions in order to gain religious comfort. But because he ended up where he did, he is able to provide a roadmap for others.>>

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Can we talk about Man, 
Universe and God 
in a simple and meaningful 

Can reason lead to faith and understanding?

Can one man’s journey 
be a road map for another? 

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